Who I Am


My name is Ann Marie Skordy and I’m a metaphysical channel, acting as a conduit for beings of the Angelic / Celestial Realms and those they bring forward, including passed loved ones and pets, spirit guides, light beings and more. What this means is that I go into a trance-state where these beings and energies step in and speak through my vocal chords, delivering messages and transmitting powerful energies through sound vibration and my palms. My sessions provide the opportunity for direct communication offering guidance, past and present life regression and release, chakra clearing and balancing, and the awakening of spiritual centers and gifts leading to clarity, self-acceptance, purpose and empowerment. I offer private, group and pet channeling as well as personal space clearing. I also channel my blog through my guide Aura, who delivers her inspiring and helpful messages with a brevity of style, thus the name Streamliner Spirit. Far out, I know, but this hasn’t always been my life.