There is a force of unification—a collective of like minds, like awareness—that is moving to the forefront. Activation has begun
Love—true love—is based on unity. There is no separation. If you are able to accept this fundamental truth, it should
As you go through your healing process, you begin to understand the depth of “the ties that bind”. Past and
Love will be the force of propulsion of the future. The Universe is aligning now. It will be a peaceful
Hi...This is Ann Marie speaking. Last night I woke up and had a message come through for my dear friend Sue
The universe is rejoicing as you cement your relationships, as you come together in your light working. Your network of
There will be light that flows from the force of good intentions. As you set in motion the vibrational energy
The light is burning brighter because of your dedication. You are all contributing to this universal illumination as you grow
The idea of competition has taught you to judge yourselves. “You must be the best.” And if you are not,
Hi..This is Ann Marie speaking today.   Last week I became “activated” as a metaphysical channel and healer in the