You are the trunk. The branches connect to you. You are the pillar of strength. You provide the platform
There is a cooperative effort between all the realms of existence. It is not necessary to delineate, yet we realize
You will be influential in the new way of being for those who embrace you. Stay in the moment. Remain
Because of your courage, there is a unit—a group of lightworkers—united and supportive of one another. These voices are one.
I posted A Force of Unification back in December of 2018 which was only a fraction of the message I
There are “cells” strategically placed in various locations that, when activated, become the foundational points for transformation. The “players” involved
It is not easy to be here. We understand that. You have chosen this—WE HAVE NOT. We are here to
You are co-existing with all energy when you acknowledge its voice. For this recognition is a realization of unity. We
Hi! This is Ann Marie speaking. Exactly a year ago I discovered I was a trance channel with the ability
The universe is here for all. All have access to universal guidance. There are no exclusions in these realms—no judgement—only acceptance. This