unfinished jigsaw puzzle on table
You are all individual forces of unity. It has been designed this way. Each piece—you—is integral for the construction of
stormy sea with fast water flow on beach at sunset
To feel at one with all that is, to recognize the connectivity of all, to feel this understanding and to
umbrellas art flying
Your process—in all respects—is uniquely your own. Your tangible human experience is interlinked with your spiritual and/or “otherworldly” exploration. Recognize
assorted color yarn lot
You are the connective force to all that is. Understand this. The complete idea of connection is very close. Continue
You are “different” from most, but you are surrounded by support. The threads of the web are your strength, your
We are within you—not outside of you. We are representations and manifestations of YOU guiding you. And when you are able
I posted a message yesterday and the being(s) who transmitted it had a really funny way of delivering it—at least
Join my dear friend, artist  Dana Sardano at Mountain Top Inn and Resort for her Art in Nature Retreat, July
Here's this weekend’s pick from the Soul Traveler deck of cards created by me and artist Dana Sardano. You can get
Your life will lead you down many paths, to many crossroads. The labyrinth of probabilities is infinite, yet the decisions