My husband and I moved into a house out in Rural Colorado three years ago, and over this period of time I noticed a change in my husband’s  behavior. My husband and I have been together for 30 years, so I can tell when something is not right in his world. Michael’s behavior went from carefree to agitated. At the start of the personality change, I attributed it to the move and making a new start. It is not always easy to relocate when you are older. His agitated behavior kept progressing to the point that concerned me, he was also experiencing pains in his body.  I began to mentally chronicle any changes and what could be causing all of his agitation. The most obvious difference was our new house. 
Thank goodness I called Ann Marie. She said that she could and would help us. We live 3000 miles apart. We scheduled a conference call between Ann Marie, her friend Carol, and myself. Carol can see entities and Ann Marie channels angels to protect everyone involved. I placed my phone on speaker and let them do their thing. They saw something in our home, moved it on, blessed the inside and outside of our house, went through and removed blocked chakra’s in Michael-who wasn’t present at the time of the call. It was one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of. 
Results, results, results!  The following day I had my husband and best friend back! Just like that. It was crazy, like the past few years just disappeared. His weird pain disappeared, his normal personality returned, he was back to normal, all within 24 hours. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I actually thought that I was going crazy, that maybe Michael wanted something different, to be honest I had no idea what to do. These two ladies came into my house, remotely, removed an entity, blessed us and our surroundings, and gave us our lives back. Within 24hours!!!
I could never repay them for what they did and am eternally grateful!
Jeni Osborn


I am so grateful to the Spiritual Realm who have chosen Ann Marie to be a conduit for them to channel such words of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration in order to help us on our journeys here on Earth.

Each session I have with Ann Marie has always answered my questions posed to the Universe. She truly has been given a gift to be shared with all of us that are seeking the Truth of Who We Are and how we can enjoy this lifetime we chose to experience.

Much Love to Ann Marie who comes from a place of Love & Light, void of ego.


Terri Turner


After witnessing what Ann Marie does and experiencing it for myself and watching others, I deemed her “The Activator.”

I believe everyone has gifts and unlimited potential. Through Ann Marie you will receive guidance and encouragement  with whatever questions, concerns or inquiries you are seeking. You will definitely see and feel how much you are loved and supported by the Universe. Truly amazing!

Tracy S.


“The experience was unbelievable. My heart chakra was cleared of past memories that no longer served me. A direct channel to the angels was opened through my chakras. I was told I am on the right path and to continue. Healing energy was given to my broken wrist. I felt totally surrounded by love and light. That feeling has not left me.”

Maria T.


” I have had the opportunity in life to work with many healers and spiritually gifted people, and Ann Marie is by far one of the best I have worked with. She has a very strong connection to the angels and many other guides and masters in the angelic realms, and was able to provide a healing on my leg which was in pain at the time. The beautiful angelic singing vibrates through your whole being, and is definitely something to behold! I look forward to sending many people to AnnMarie and can’t thank her enough.”

Luke Elwin, Plant-based Chef


Ann Marie, thank you for allowing this gift to flow through you. My sessions with you have resulted in the clear understanding of my soul’s path that I once thought was unreachable. The healings and communication with my guides and angels have transformed my life. I am finally able to hear and understand my messages and intuition! I’m so grateful to have been on the receiving end of this truly remarkable experience.

Sue Rand


My first reading with Ann Marie was beautiful. I immediately felt comfortable, calm and protected as she guided me through this awesome experience. I was introduced to angels, my spirit guide, and other Source energies who offered their support, wisdom, LOVE and healing to assist me on my journey. My life path/divine purpose was clarified and release work was done. The messages I received were in tune with other spiritual avenues I explore and use. I have a great sense of peace, love, protection and strength since my session. My heart is lighter and I know the work I need to do.

Ann Marie is a gifted channel and healer. I trust her completely and look forward to my next session.



Thank you so much for including me in your group session. You are truly blessed with a unique gift to be able to channel angels and spirits. I felt nothing but abundant LOVE and positive guidance from the session. You and the group truly gave me the power of positivity to trust my angels and move myself forward with no regrets, and for that I am filled with gratitude. It was a pleasure to be a part of a wonderful group of amazing ladies.

Shelly Ziegenbalg