The Lightworker shines the light to expel the darkness. Into the darkest corners of fear the light penetrates to dissolve
Growth is a matter of course. As a seed is thrown, the process and progress of its development will unfold
Discovering your purpose brings peace because it is complete self-acceptance. Your purpose means accepting your spiritual nature completely and when
There are areas of expertise within each individual. Some are apparent, others are not. Through introspection these non-apparent aspects will
Soul healing is necessary and integral for forward progression. It is impossible to see and feel your soul completely without
The illusion can overshadow your gifts. You must learn to recognize what is and what is not. It is this
There are reasons for the way we operate. There are universal laws which restrict interference between planes. We may contact
Bring humor to the world when you are able. It is light. It is a gift in and of itself.
We shall speak to you gently in friendship. The world has a way of tearing the seams of the fabric
Work with your dreams. Dreams are a powerful source of inner knowledge. Repetitive themes and symbols will help you to