Do not worry about the questions you do not have the answers to. The tacit inner understanding is enough. Sometimes
When we speak of self-discovery, we mean recognizing who you truly are. As we have stated before, within each individual
Once you perceive the possibility of an expanded reality—one quite different from that which you “see” before you—the journey of
All individuals possess gifts of heightened perception that may be developed. It is the process of self-discovery which accelerates the
Allow yourself to entertain the ideas of sudden inspiration. For no matter how illogical or out-of-place these ideas may seem,
These are the times to work on your other projects—CREATIVITY. Allow it to flow. Follow your natural desire, whatever it is.
Be truth. Be who you are.
Hi, this is Ann Marie speaking.  Yesterday I had a remarkable experience channeling for my group that I’d like to
You are learning there is a process for the entire. Your LIFE is a process. All must move forward to
When you commit to your process of self-awareness, you are essentially returning to the source of your soul. You are