All of our words will continue to reiterate the truth of life. These are basic understandings and methods of behaviors
Hi Everyone!!!! Soul Traveler cards are here! This is my collaboration with artist Dana Sardano of We’ve created sixty-three
Remain steadfast in the understanding of who you are. Do not be swayed by the influence of others. You have
You are here to become who you are—to discover the nature of your energy. Once you begin to come into
Each person is moving at their own pace. Trust is always the most difficult hurdle. It comes when it comes.
Once you fully comprehend that EVERYTHING is energy, you will recognize completely what you need to do to manifest all
Understand that this search for purpose is a quantum process, all originating from the self and the dedication to the
Many believe “the purpose” must be grand, great—assisting humanity on a grand scale, like a movie. Understand that your purpose
Realize that your abilities are linked to the aspects of your soul. All the knowledge is linked to your within.
Recognize the state of being in energetic alignment. This is your truth—the truth of who your are. It is your