Create your “soul portrait”. Compile the accumulated self-knowledge. List—physically make a list—of what you have discovered. Take your time. Do
You have been here before. You choose to return because as arduous as the earth plane is, as difficult and challenging
I posted A Force of Unification back in December of 2018 which was only a fraction of the message I
There are “cells” strategically placed in various locations that, when activated, become the foundational points for transformation. The “players” involved
Aloha. This is Ann Marie speaking. Although everything I post is directed at me, today’s post is especially specific, but
You are at the crossroads in your life when you realize there is “more”. Then begins the journey of discovery—self-discovery.
As you dedicate to the excavation of your self, you will be led in bits and pieces to your understanding.
You are never separate from your true origin—that which makes you YOU. It is only a matter of discovery—re-discovery—uncovering the
1All that you are hinges on your freedom. As humans, you are slowly releasing your bondage—EVOLVING—connecting, little by little, to
It is your task to dissect the untruths, the false beliefs, that restrict you from your true nature and release