You are never separate from your true origin—that which makes you YOU. It is only a matter of discovery—re-discovery—uncovering the
1All that you are hinges on your freedom. As humans, you are slowly releasing your bondage—EVOLVING—connecting, little by little, to
It is your task to dissect the untruths, the false beliefs, that restrict you from your true nature and release
When you allow yourself to be who you are on every level, you have become free. Rise and shine.
Hi,this is Ann Marie speaking. I accidentally fell into a bottle of red wine last night and missed my post
The passion—the love for your gifts—lies within. It is the energy of YOU. You have not lost your passion for your
You can not define spirit. You can not put it in a box and compartmentalize it. It is undefinable in
Expansion requires effort. We often speak of the effort, the work. Existence on this plane is not designed for ease
You are not meant to remain stagnant. That is the reason you continue to desire to strive for more. It
There is always more. Embrace this idea with the understanding that as you reach a pinnacle, another climb will be