Soul healing is necessary and integral for forward progression. It is impossible to see and feel your soul completely without
The illusion can overshadow your gifts. You must learn to recognize what is and what is not. It is this
There are reasons for the way we operate. There are universal laws which restrict interference between planes. We may contact
Bring humor to the world when you are able. It is light. It is a gift in and of itself.
We shall speak to you gently in friendship. The world has a way of tearing the seams of the fabric
Work with your dreams. Dreams are a powerful source of inner knowledge. Repetitive themes and symbols will help you to
You are here on Earth to fulfill your contract. It is a contract agreed upon by you before birth. It
There are many paths, many roads available to you in this lifetime and all lifetimes. With awakening and understanding comes
There are many, many as yet unearthed aspects of your soul—keys to discovering who you truly are and the mission
The light is with you. Even in the dark, the light is with you burning a path for you to