batch books document education
You are deep within the river of your soul when you allow this communication to happen. For it is within
batch books document education
Inside the soul are attributes, aspects carried within the cellular memory of the organism. Not just human organisms—ALL organisms. All
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You are not meant to remain stagnant. You are moving forward and as you do, you will release that which
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You are circumnavigating your soul. It is a great journey. Gather your information—your “discoveries”—and compile. Do you see? You are
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Our enigmatic methods—our circuitous route of guidance—is necessary. For in the end, it must be you who discovers YOU. The
You are of a lineage of light workers. You have been here on the earth plane working diligently for millennia.
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You ask, “Why am I the way I am?” The reasons go far beyond this existence. You are a compilation
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Our guidance is a dissemination of information, often “coded” and meant to be “de-coded”. Our purpose is to guide you,
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You are capable of great things. By “great”, we mean vast. Experiment with your greatness. As you accept this understanding—this
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You are here to experience your entirety, your wholeness, your completeness. That is the goal for all. This entirety is