Many believe “the purpose” must be grand, great—assisting humanity on a grand scale, like a movie. Understand that your purpose
Repress nothing. Express everything. It is for your highest good.
It is not for you to transform the world. It is for you to transform your self.
Do not neglect your life.
We can not state the importance of giving to yourself enough. Make it a daily habit to give to yourself.
It will be helpful for you to begin to focus inwardly rather than on the exterior world. For the exterior
Enjoy your day. Enjoy and be.
It is not for you to take on the experience of another. This is not your responsibility. You and you alone
The transformation of humanity begins with psychology—shifting the  indoctrination of thoughts and beliefs from fear-based ideas to love-based ideas. It
Truly understanding your beliefs of self-worth will provide you with insight into many areas of your life experience up to