Your greatness is not only the gift itself, but the choice to use it. Greatness is a choice—that is all.
We do not pretend that this is easy work. It is, in fact, in defiance of most logic and accepted
Breathe in the light. Breathe in what lightens your heart. Feel it. Rejoice in the light. You are not meant
You are raising your vibration by accepting all that you are. It is not conceit—it is self-respect, self-love, self-appreciation. It
These words may seem trite at times, however, it is truth. The human mind has been conditioned to reject words
This process of self-discovery can become overwhelming. For once you begin down this path, it is difficult to stop. Sometimes
We understand you would like this process to be immediate, however, it is through the process of growth, evolution and
Hi! This is Ann Marie speaking. Exactly a year ago I discovered I was a trance channel with the ability
The “big” picture is not your concern. Remain in the moment. Enjoy what you can, allow yourself to appreciate and
Notice and appreciate your growth, your expansion. Be proud of your progress. Celebrate your accomplishments no matter how “big” or how