There will be days when you can not seem to rise up, when you are “down”. You are human. This
Your safety net is free will. You ALWAYS have a choice.
You derive pleasure from the moments you are in. It is that simple. Do not search—create in the moment. It is
It is with great pleasure that we view your progress. You are surrounded by your own rooting section, your own
When you cut yourself off from your soul you become completely lost. These are the times you say the words,
It is the projection—the imprint you make on this energetic canvas—which becomes an indelible creation. Use this understanding to create
You are noticing that you are changing. Indeed your DNA is changing. Your composition is being altered as you return
Today’s post is an exchange I had with “them” a little over a year ago. They are referring to the
Here's this weekend’s pick from the Soul Traveler deck of cards created by me and Dana Sardano. You can get Soul
You are moving now in a direction that will propel you forward. No, this is not your imagination. Trust yourself.