You will be influential in the new way of being for those who embrace you. Stay in the moment. Remain
There are situations arising on the earth plane that seem dire, and indeed they are. This is a turning point
These are times of experimentation for you. Allow yourself to try new methods, new ideas, new concepts. Implement action. Do not let
Because of your courage, there is a unit—a group of lightworkers—united and supportive of one another. These voices are one.
Remain within. Remain open. It will require focus at times—the art of mixing and matching the elements, the components around
Because of your exceptional understanding of yourself, you will be able to navigate these waters without fear. As illogical as
Do your best to accept that you possess capabilities far exceeding the limits you impose. Become a clean slate, if you
Begin to integrate the understanding of yourself—the components. Step outside the definitions and re-define what it means for you—not the general population.
You are only bound by belief—or more appropriately—by the lack there of.
Expression with the intent of resolution. This will lead you to true release which will allow you to MOVE FORWARD.