To walk this path of self-discovery is convoluted and enigmatic. It is a struggle, it is frustrating, it is amazing,
We are encouraging your expansion on every level—mind, body and spirit—in the physical form as well as your spiritual. Remember
All of you are “channels” connected to “higher” love, “higher” knowledge. We use terms you are familiar with, yet we
The world you know may seem dark, may seem hopeless. Know this is only your perception. Look beyond the fear.
We are here to assist, to guide, but it is always a matter of choice—of free will. Relinquish to trust, to
Look at your desires, your dreams, your goals. All creations are of the moment. Project that energy—not into the future,
Here's this weekend’s pick from the Soul Traveler deck of cards created by me and artist Dana Sardano. You can get
Time is irrelevant to us, yet of the essence to you. It is of great importance. This is one of
The creative process entails building molecular structures. That is the bottom line. Atoms are “strung together” to create the molecular
It is not just for you to read our words. Remember to BE the words.