Failure is fear. There is no such thing as failure. Failure is another false belief perpetuated by society’s indoctrination. For
The mastery of the universe knows no bounds. We are a collective society of love and light. Our purpose is
A deer stands alone in the forest. Abandoned and alone it instinctively knows how to survive. Within its cells lies
It is not for others to carry your burdens, to solve your challenges. You must, each of you, accept your
The power of love grows as our transmissions are received. Each transmission is a building block allowing for the next
Release to find peace. We are here to take the burdens you carry, the baggage you do not need to
Fear is imagined. There is no darkness for you—only light. You must accept this as being true. Fear is darkness,
The world keeps turning. In spite of everything, the world keeps turning. Your opportunity to grow is never later. It
You can not change people. They can only change themselves. Do not allow yourself to feel helpless or under stress.
There are beautiful sounds. The words of nature, the songs of nature. It is a vibration of the highest sort—pure,