You are not “too big for your britches.” Give yourself permission to be great. You will achieve all you believe
Allow yourself the freedom to be yourself. It is you who places the restrictions. Allow what wants to flow to
You are always in control if you allow yourself to be so. Your idea of personal power is simply masked by
Continue to step outside your comfort zone. Persistence is necessary sometimes. You will be led but you must do the
When you allow yourself to take control of your life, your current circumstances, you are acknowledging your power. This is
Trusting is the challenge. Your understanding is greater than you are allowing yourself to believe. You must make that step.
You do not have to do it all yourself. Ask the universe for help. It will provide.
There are many layers. The seemingly most insignificant experience can have long-lasting, deep effects upon your psyche and perception of
It is for you for you to release the ideas of another and remain detached from their fear. Go within.
Hi. This is Ann Marie speaking...Ever feel like a fish out of water?   Yes, that’s a catfish “swimming” in