There are beautiful sounds. The words of nature, the songs of nature. It is a vibration of the highest sort—pure,
Life is full of challenges. It is your viewpoint of the challenges which is significant. Focusing on the solution rather than
Encapsulate yourself with joy, happiness and love. It will repel the fear and negativity of others. Make it a daily
There is a level of elevated understanding waiting for you to aspire to. You are moving forward very quickly now
To me:  All is accelerating as you have been told it would. Remain relaxed and self assured. We will help
The world you know becomes confusing when you begin seeking answers. There is a great conflict between what you want
The fish swims upstream with force of purpose toward its goal. Its goal is the reconstruction of life of its
(I'm freaking out about starting this blog and thinking I'm not able to do it.) There is fear. Put it
You create the orchestra of your life by choosing what you wish to hear. Close your eyes. What do you
You are recognizing what is and what is not when you apply our messages to your life. You will begin