Allow your knowing to be your peace. If you accept what you intuitively know as truth, you will find your
It is necessary to isolate the ego at times for the purposes of growth. For it is the ego which
There are things that are not predictable. Always know the choice is yours. You will reach the destination but the
Use the energy available to you from the natural world. You are one with this energy. It is at your
You have tendencies to place restrictions upon yourselves mentally. You place these limitations as a defense against failure. You are
We can not assist you with your thought process. This task is yours. You are the one who has the
Make a list of what you want and then consciously act in line with these desires. You must make the
Your intention reflects your experience. Thoughts are energy in motion. These are basic principles you have heard over and over,
It is very easy to revert to old, comfortable patterns of behavior. They act as a comfortable blanket for the
As you learn to receive the compliments and the criticism of others, so shall you know the transcendence of words.