You are opening your mind now when our words impact you. You are allowing yourself to entertain ideas that will
Understand that all exists for you at this moment. There is no other “time”. The point of power is now.
Aloha. This is Ann Marie speaking today. I’ve been experiencing some pretty significant epiphanies recently which boil down to the
It is an excavation process, the process of self-discovery we speak of. If you truly desire to be the master
All is created from thoughts you project which are based on your beliefs, and these beliefs dictate the nature of
You are connected to the Highest Love, Creator, Source energy. Once you accept this as truth, you understand your creative
It is a process to overcome the thought patterns of a lifetime. It requires courage to reject the accepted model
Within, in the center of balance, is your natural state of gravitation. You naturally gravitate toward this center of balance.
The complete acceptance of these ideas presented to you here requires jumping the chasm of the conscious mind and defying
At the heart, acceptance is the natural flow—to allow what occurs to do so unhindered so you are able to