You are forging your new path. You have taken the reins and made the decision to change course. Direct the
You will begin to realize your “destiny” is a combination of your knowing and your being. The inner knowledge—the knowing—you
We are within you—not outside of you. We are representations and manifestations of YOU guiding you. And when you are able
The action of intent is the spark—the energetic spark—which sets atoms in motion to create the molecular structure of the
Here's this weekend’s pick from the Soul Traveler deck of cards created by me and artist Dana Sardano. You can get
To walk this path of self-discovery is convoluted and enigmatic. It is a struggle, it is frustrating, it is amazing,
We are encouraging your expansion on every level—mind, body and spirit—in the physical form as well as your spiritual. Remember
All of you are “channels” connected to “higher” love, “higher” knowledge. We use terms you are familiar with, yet we
The world you know may seem dark, may seem hopeless. Know this is only your perception. Look beyond the fear.
We are here to assist, to guide, but it is always a matter of choice—of free will. Relinquish to trust, to