Who I Am

My name is Ann Marie Skordy and I’m a metaphysical channel, acting as a conduit for beings of the Angelic / Celestial realms and those they bring forward, including passed loved ones and pets, spirit guides, light beings and more. What this means is that I go into a trance-state where they step in and speak through my vocal chords, delivering messages and transmitting powerful energies through sound vibrations and my palms. My private and group sessions provide guidance, past and present life regression and release, chakra clearing and balancing, and the awakening of spiritual centers and gifts leading to clarity, self-acceptance, purpose and empowerment. I also offer pet channeling, personal space clearing and channel my blog through my guide Aura, who delivers her inspiring and helpful messages with a brevity of style, thus the name Streamliner Spirit.

I approach my work with the understanding that we all have our answers within. Because we hold false ideas and beliefs about ourselves and life, however, we unknowingly place limitations on our experience preventing us from being who we truly are and having what we really want. My job is to allow these beings of assistance to guide you into alignment with your source energy and create a comprehension of your own personal power. I don’t believe we’re broken and need to be fixed. We just need to become aware of the untruths we believe so we can transform now.

Far out, I know, but this hasn’t always been my life. I’ve actually spent most of my existence flying by the seat of my pants traveling, residing and working a variety of jobs in different places in the U.S. and around the world—Japan, The Caribbean, Guam, Bali, British Columbia and cruising for years as a stewardess on private yachts and cruise ships. In 2010,  I also published a neat little children’s book called Start With Your Heart. I’ve had the wonderful privilege of living a new life over and over because of my choices.

So how did I get HERE???

Well… I must admit to being interested in the metaphysical and paranormal for a long time as a result of a variety of kooky experiences over the years, but things really started to roll when I began meditating in 2014.  During my first attempt I immediately “heard” what I call “The Voice that Isn’t a Voice” saying really great and helpful things and I totally got why people meditated—it was so cool! It wasn’t until much later, after speaking with other people and seriously questioning my sanity, that I realized not everyone was on the same program and pretty much went underground, keeping what was going on with “The Voice” and additional strangeness, to myself.

In February 2018, the messages I was receiving took a profound turn and I made the then-terrifying decision to come out of the closet and share them as a blog and Streamliner Spirit was created. Over the next few months as I began processing and integrating these messages into my life, my abilities began accelerating with one thing leading to another, and in August of 2018, I was “activated” (for lack of a better word)  as a full-blown channel of the Celestial realms. So here I am, toddling down my path with this incredible opportunity to help others discover who they are as well. In a million years I could never have imagined this and it still blows my brains out on a daily basis.

It’s been a huge transformation, to say the least, and through introspection, meditation and intuition I was led to a place of finally trusting and embracing myself for the weirdo I am! Haha! I now also have the understanding that we are all one. There’s no separation, no judgement in the Spiritual realms and it’s brought me acceptance of all types of beings and energies, not to mention possibilities. But most of all, this journey is bringing me slowly but surely what matters most—peace and freedom.

”Not all those who wander are lost.”—J.R.R. Tolkien

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