We are here. We are guiding, supporting, and leading you. You are never alone. Trust in your process. Use the
As you defy logic and continue to journey down the path of self-discovery, you will emancipate yourself from your misconceptions
Release the ideas associated with the guilt tied to asking for more. It does not mean you are ungrateful or
Notice what makes you feel happy, notice what makes you feel joy. Begin with the smallest, seemingly most insignificant moment—begin
Understand that this search for purpose is a quantum process, all originating from the self and the dedication to the
Many believe “the purpose” must be grand, great—assisting humanity on a grand scale, like a movie. Understand that your purpose
There is no judgement there are no conditions. You may have and do and be without conditions. Conditions are a human creation—a
As you truly understand you are an energy being, you will be able to transform your state of being. You
It is love that connects all. The power of source energy is the uniting force which binds ALL. That is
The way forward is through the mind—through understanding your beliefs. This is a process which requires work. It is difficult