It is time to learn what you are capable of. Explore the urges. Reach for what you know, what you
The “eye” has no boundaries. It is the vehicle for exploration into the infinite as you understand it. It is
Do your best to accept that you possess capabilities far exceeding the limits you impose. Become a clean slate, if you
There are those on the earth plane at this time who are choosing to push the boundaries of their reality
Realize that many of you transmit our energy. You are our transmitters, our channels. Many of you achieve the transfer
There is an ongoing battle in the universe between the forces of fear and love. It is not good vs.
You have been here before. You choose to return because as arduous as the earth plane is, as difficult and challenging
Expression with the intent of resolution. This will lead you to true release which will allow you to MOVE FORWARD.
  We speak of the “night work”. Understand that this is a component of your spirit leaving your physical being
Aloha Beautiful People! I’m back from my break and ready to roll! At the end of last year, I was