code projected over woman
You are circumnavigating your soul. It is a great journey. Gather your information—your “discoveries”—and compile. Do you see? You are
You are of a lineage of light workers. You have been here on the earth plane working diligently for millennia.
joyful adult daughter greeting happy surprised senior mother in garden
Reality is a singular experience. For what is “real” to you may not be so for another. Retain this message.
freezelight made with bengal fire in darkness
Everything is energy. The way it presents itself is relevant. Love and fear are merely different aspects of the same
crescent moon during night
When we say you are a channel, it means that you are providing us a passageway of communication. You are
silhouette of mountain and birds
Aloha. This is Ann Marie speaking. I, along with so many other people in these wild times, have been going
stormy sea with fast water flow on beach at sunset
To feel at one with all that is, to recognize the connectivity of all, to feel this understanding and to
umbrellas art flying
Your process—in all respects—is uniquely your own. Your tangible human experience is interlinked with your spiritual and/or “otherworldly” exploration. Recognize
assorted color yarn lot
You are the connective force to all that is. Understand this. The complete idea of connection is very close. Continue
person whispering to man s ear
Hi. This is Ann Marie speaking. The following is an old exchange from early in 2018 when I first began