I was thinking of a friend of mine who was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer 30 years ago and
Hi, this is Ann Marie speaking.  This is an exchange I had with “them” regarding sleep patterns. It’s directed at
You are all travelers. The optimal time for these excursions we are speaking of occur while you sleep. You sometimes
  It is not for you to create the experience of another. When you do this you are placing conditions
The information we provide is for the purposes of self-understanding. It is universal knowledge for all to access and apply
Hi. This is Ann Marie speaking. This message is quite lengthy, which generally isn’t my style. When I get large
Your willingness to expand is a decision. Realize we will not impose ourselves without permission. There is no force from
I just came across this message in my notes. It is a repost from January  2019. Our work together ignites
Cellular memory and recognition play an enormous part in self- understanding. The seemingly “inexplicable” elements that arise in your life
It is time to learn what you are capable of. Explore the urges. Reach for what you know, what you