To be an “empath” is to be one who feels the energy of another. The challenge for this type of
You can comprehend the meaning of our words now. This is your indicator of your growth of understanding. This is
You have chosen to walk a complex path as a human being. You must understand the undertaking—the choice to undergo
Allowing yourself to connect—to engage—is all you need to do. We are “standing by”, if you will, and sometimes—but not
The illusion is what appears to be—that which you misunderstand to be truth. Each of you is capable of transcending, but it
Here's this weekend’s pick from the Soul Traveler deck of cards created by me and artist Dana Sardano. You can get
You will begin to realize your “destiny” is a combination of your knowing and your being. The inner knowledge—the knowing—you
We are within you—not outside of you. We are representations and manifestations of YOU guiding you. And when you are able
Aloha. This is Ann Marie speaking. I was sitting on the floor, noticing the moon at about 6:30am and this
  “Karmic” connections, “debts”—contractual fulfillments—are not cut and dry. There are complexities within relationships that are resolved on multiple levels