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Inside the soul are attributes, aspects carried within the cellular memory of the organism. Not just human organisms—ALL organisms. All
collage with different pictures
You have been compiling your pieces, slowly but surely, building the picture of clarity that will release you from the
yellow and white abstract painting
The human body is an illusion. It is impermanent and can be manipulated and altered very easily once you integrate
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Suggestions can lead to the adoption of beliefs and beliefs are the foundation of creation. Be discerning while entertaining outside
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Some require more physical mass than others for their “work”, some require less. This has been pre-established prior to incarnation.
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If “something about you” is resonating with an individual, they are receiving your energy transmission. That is why we say,
piled of blue books on human feet
This is a huge time of transformation but REMEMBER THE BALANCE. Spontaneity balanced with discretion; grounded yet free flowing.
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There are energies of “activation” placed within messages implanted into your psyche which lead to the stimulation of latent DNA
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You are part of the transformation of the collective consciousness of planet earth. Once this is achieved, the experience of