As you discover who you are—the aspects—your human condition insists you to be defined. Realize, however, that the definition itself
You have heard, “anything is possible”. And it is. Realize, however, that the source of this possibility may not always
Look at your desires, your dreams, your goals. All creations are of the moment. Project that energy—not into the future,
“Karma”, contracts, agreements—these cellular memories can sometimes clog the wheels. The “system” is sometimes imperfect.  It is for you to
Time is irrelevant to us, yet of the essence to you. It is of great importance. This is one of
The creative process entails building molecular structures. That is the bottom line. Atoms are “strung together” to create the molecular
Realizing you are multifaceted on a conscious level takes time. You are fed bits and pieces of awareness, introducing you
Rebirth is an ongoing process. Regeneration is a perpetual state of being. You are not merely born once or once
You are following your inner guidance system. Not questioning—just allowing it to point you in the direction. Not overthinking, yet
There are codes of activation you receive throughout your lifetime in an ongoing string of numeric characters. You may “notice”