We are within you—not outside of you. We are representations and manifestations of YOU guiding you. And when you are able
Aloha. This is Ann Marie speaking. I was sitting on the floor, noticing the moon at about 6:30am and this
  “Karmic” connections, “debts”—contractual fulfillments—are not cut and dry. There are complexities within relationships that are resolved on multiple levels
To walk this path of self-discovery is convoluted and enigmatic. It is a struggle, it is frustrating, it is amazing,
To truly understand unconditional love requires reflection. Recall the ones—whether it be a human or an animal—who have shown you
We understand your thirst for answers, for desiring to know the details behind universal operations and beyond. We do our
When our words resonate, understand it is knowledge. You know it. It all makes sense once you hear it. It
I posted a message yesterday and the being(s) who transmitted it had a really funny way of delivering it—at least
The vehicular transmissions are a necessary means of conducting our energy. By “vehicular” we mean your physical body. We require
As you discover who you are—the aspects—your human condition insists you to be defined. Realize, however, that the definition itself