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To feel at one with all that is, to recognize the connectivity of all, to feel this understanding and to
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Your process—in all respects—is uniquely your own. Your tangible human experience is interlinked with your spiritual and/or “otherworldly” exploration. Recognize
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You are the connective force to all that is. Understand this. The complete idea of connection is very close. Continue
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Hi. This is Ann Marie speaking. The following is an old exchange from early in 2018 when I first began
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The “mission” and the “purpose” are not one in the same, but not mutually exclusive. They are linked on an
There are times when you meet someone you feel an instant affinity for. Other times this affinity may not be
To be an “empath” is to be one who feels the energy of another. The challenge for this type of
You can comprehend the meaning of our words now. This is your indicator of your growth of understanding. This is
You have chosen to walk a complex path as a human being. You must understand the undertaking—the choice to undergo
Allowing yourself to connect—to engage—is all you need to do. We are “standing by”, if you will, and sometimes—but not