lake and mountain
You will be provided for—just as you always are. Fall back on the “just as always”.
green large leaf covering human eye
The elements—natural elements —compatible with you will change, move to the forefront and retreat, during the course of your evolution.
batch books document education
You are deep within the river of your soul when you allow this communication to happen. For it is within
photo of person kissing a dog on grass field
Focus on the “what is right” not the “what is wrong”. Be at peace with “what is right”.
person in white long sleeve shirt holding black and white round wall decor
Atoms, molecules, cells. The atom is the essence which holds all truth. The cells have been brainwashed to accept as
brown woven basket on brown wooden table
The accepted belief system regarding health—physical, mental and emotional—is the challenge when attempting to reconcile imbalances within your physical and
grayscale photography of man lifting woman
It is relevant to note the moments when you are experiencing happiness, joy, pleasure. For this is the frequency of
Here's this weekend’s pick from the Soul Traveler deck of cards created by me and artist Dana Sardano. You can
flight bird animal bald eagle
We regret that life on the earth plane is not designed without pain or sorrow. But our hope is that
astrology astronomy beautiful constellation
As you progress in your “awakening”, your guides, your assistants, will rotate as well. Understand you have an arsenal of