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batch books document education
batch books document education
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You are deep within the river of your soul when you allow this communication to happen. For it is within these depths that you are truly connected to the source of your being. All that you are is unified there. There is no conflict, only open communication and acceptance between you and your spiritual origin. It is truth, it is truth, it is truth.

The unity within is a source of strength and understanding in the vast entirety of ALL. The illusion is just that—an illusion. What lies behind is of far greater magnitude and importance to your well-being and significance in this life. It is a very big challenge to navigate this illusion everyday, but you must do so in order to transcend the “dream” and free yourself so you can experience complete, unhindered, uncontrived freedom and happiness.

IT IS POSSIBLE FOR ALL. A great victory that would be.


When I wrote this two years ago I had no idea what it meant. I’ve come a long way, baby!