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batch books document education
batch books document education
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I’m sitting at the beach and I feel a sudden jolt of dizziness.

You felt that?

Yes.” (Me)

It was not painful?

No, but it was a definitive attention getter.” (Me)

We want to speak.

Please, go ahead.” (Me)

It is a privilege for us to be able to communicate with you in this way. We are feeling the success of this project of hope. We thank you for your effort and dedication. We hope this is becoming a more comfortable process for you—more natural, more NORMAL. (They smile)

Yes, it is. “ (Me)

We want this to feel like an exchange between friends—relaxed and natural.

It’s starting to feel like that for me.” (Me)

The light that shines within is the energy source of your life. It’s intensity, its brightness, is under your control. It is your personal power source. It provides you with everything you need and want once you understand how to use it properly. You do not understand this basic premise, otherwise there would not be this prevalent belief in POWERLESSNESS.

Powerlessness is a lie. If you can understand the power source within your being is YOURS and belongs to you then you can make the connection between what is and what is not. Once again, you must go within. You must go to your source—ignite what already exists. You do not need to look for something that is not already there. It is already there. All you need to do is know, believe, claim it. Ignite your power—do it for yourself.

This is transformational understanding. For once you accept this as your truth, you will realize your life is under your control. You are NOT powerless. You have all your power. And there is never any need to feel you must take from another because you already have all you will ever need at your disposal. There is no lack of anything if you can understand this message. Abundance is within.

We have decided the best way to communicate this information is in short bursts. It should be easier to absorb one piece at a time. Do you agree?

Absolutely.” (Me)

It is a worthy project. You will see.

Thank you. I feel like there’s a double meaning in that remark.” (Me)

You will see. (They smile)

“This is becoming fun.” (Me)

You belong.

I know. Thank you.” (Me)