From the Archives: April 4, 2018

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Hi! This is Ann Marie speaking. The following exchange occurred while I was summoning up the balls to go public with the messages I’d been channeling and start a blog. Please keep in mind that at the time I had no idea what they were talking about half the time. Sometimes I still don’t! Ha! I apologize for the length.


Allow me to do my part. My part is to dictate. Your part is to write. This is still a struggle for you at times. Please try to overcome this. We are committed to you. Please commit to us—TRUST. Trust in all you are experiencing. Do not allow the specter of fear and doubt to overtake your mind. You are a warrior. You are in control.

“Thank you for reminding me.” (Me)

You will eventually overcome and completely embrace what you know deep within is true. Remember, you are the conductor of your orchestra. You may block what you do not wish to hear. You do not need to listen to everything—EVEN IF IT ORIGINATES FROM PEOPLE WHO YOU LOVE AND WHO LOVE YOU.

The mission is moving forward. Your courage is serving you. There will be admiration of it. It will inspire others to move forward as well. We thank you for your effort. We know it is not an easy task for you to overcome your fear and doubt, but you have done so with courage. Do you understand this? COURAGE TRUMPS FEAR AND DOUBT. Please learn from this experience. It is a monumental turning point in your new psychological development and growth.

Our words are for everyone. This is a collective message of hope for all who wish to listen. All can be overcome with courage. It is the basis for forward momentum, for progression in all areas of your life. Continue to move forward. You will know what to do if you continue to trust your within—your intuition, your feelings, what you know is “right”. All will be revealed in due time.

This is a great unification of creativity at many, many levels—on many planes, on many platforms. This is an experience of collective energies working together for the common purpose of the reconstruction of life. It is an enormous step forward in the evolution of all who wish to participate. It is voluntary participation. There will be no force. It is not our way to force our intentions, but it is an open invitation of the highest love for the highest good of all. This invitation is extended with open hearts, welcoming all who wish to participate in this great movement forward. All who come in love and light are welcome.