Back to Center

silhouette of mountain and birds
silhouette of mountain and birds
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Aloha. This is Ann Marie speaking. I, along with so many other people in these wild times, have been going through some significant shakedowns and repositioning lately, and I’ve spent the last month taking some time off, doing my own thing, living day to day, mostly without a plan. The following exchange is super personal and normally I wouldn’t post this, but because of the clarity it gave me I’m throwing it out there in case it does the same for someone else.


You have needed this time to reestablish your “idea” of freedom. To be untethered, to be uncommitted—FREE in every sense. Now you have your peace. Now you have that feeling of freedom and the understanding. The understanding that this allowance was necessary for the new platform of self-understanding—that you are free. You may take up residence, you may make commitments. You are free regardless of all these things. You are never bound. These “attachments” may always be severed.

Use this understanding, this comprehension, as the foundation for your next phase. For that is what you are embarking upon—your next phase. Remain consciously connected to this information until once again– and we say, “once again” because it once was—becomes your natural state of being.

When I was younger.” (Me)


I got it. Before the perceived bullshit of life creeped in.” (Me)

This experience was for you to fulfill the need to be free, to feel free again. It has brought you back to center. In other words, you have rebalanced your scales.