A Blessing to Yourself

gray fish
gray fish
Photo by W W on Pexels.com

This is Ann Marie speaking. So I was packing up my stuff, getting ready to leave my awesome vacation, when I suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotion and started getting all teary-eyed and didn’t know why. I knew it wasn’t because it was my last day or anything like that, so I sat down and connected and this is what came through. They are speaking of my decision to take this vacation. This is also very personal, but so important to share because it’s for everyone.

This has been a blessing to yourself—a commitment of the highest order. The depth of the understanding of this commitment—the level of self love—is what you are feeling. It is the comprehension of the truth of life. The conscious dedication, in your case, to the ultimate foundation of freedom—SELF LOVE.
Allow this to wash over you—to feel the level of understanding—to truly realize what it takes, what is required, for complete freedom. It requires cutting the ties that bind, which can be sorrowful yet necessary, for emancipation. Realize, however, that total severance is not always necessary. A restructuring of a connection is possible as long as it is in line with you. Be aware of old behavior patterns, thought patterns, and do your best to be aware of moments when you are leaning towards compromising your self. We are here to remind you, to guide you always. It is our job to assist you with achieving your freedom in this existence.