Cutting You Loose

underwater photography of woman
underwater photography of woman
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Hi! This is Ann Marie speaking. So this is an exchange I had with them before I went on my awesome vacation ALL BY MYSELF last week. I was struggling with not feeling like I wanted to do any channeling or connecting at all while I was there. This is personal but I wanted to share because I think it’s pretty cool.


We are always with you. Sometimes it is necessary for you to step back—TO BE HUMAN. This process of self-understanding can become consuming. Because of your ability as a trance channel and the depth of assistance you see you are capable of, you are feeling the pressure to assist. You are battling with “hoarding the gift”. Let this time “shake out”. Do your thing now. You are on vacation in all respects. We are cutting you loose. There is no guilt, there is no judgement. ENJOY.

P.S…..And I did! (Me)