The Challenge of the Empath

photo of people holding each other s hands

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To be an “empath” is to be one who feels the energy of another. The challenge for this type of ability is that it is not for you to absorb this energy, but to allow it to pass through. We are speaking of the non-beneficial energies, of course.

Your natural inclination for love will automatically respond by absorbing and attempting to transmute that energy, to “fix” or alleviate the burden caused by that energy, to assist in the healing of the other. However, quite often, in so doing you “take on” this non-beneficial energy and realize discomfort of your own. In other words, you own the energy at your own expense.

Recognize the depth of the thread of unworthiness and self-sacrifice. Project your love and allow that which does not serve to pass through. It is not your responsibility  to reconcile the imbalances of another through your own suffering.