The Basis of Empowerment

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Self discovery is achievable through authenticity— being true to yourself. Doing what feels right, what feels good for YOU, without a sense of obligation for what you believe you should do. Release the conditions and be.

When you allow yourself to be who you are on every level, you have become free. Rise and shine. It is your task to dissect the untruths, the false beliefs, that restrict you from your true nature and release them. That is the task. That is the evolution of the soul. That is emancipation in the truest sense.

Your freedom does not lie in the hands of others. It is your responsibility, your task. The responsibility of transformation lies with each individual. For if you understand the nature of your reality—the idea and understanding of the idea that you create your life—the responsibility of self is indisputable. There is no blame, there is no victimization, if you choose responsibility. This is the basis of empowerment and believing in your creative nature—your power to create.