Unconditional Love

a beautiful dog breed with a thick coat

Photo by La Miko on Pexels.com

To truly understand unconditional love requires reflection. Recall the ones—whether it be a human or an animal—who have shown you love without parameters, without conditions, who have simply been a light of love in some respect. This is true. It does not mean, however, that it is necessarily beneficial. To recognize the difference is also essential for your well-being.

The purpose of this conversation is for you to recognize the existence of  unconditional love in it’s myriad of forms and to distinguish between the detrimental effects and the beneficial effects of such love and to remind you that it does exist and you are worthy of such love—love without contingencies. You are also capable of this love—the giving and receiving.

We realize this may seem a bit confusing, but we are confident that, with reflection, you will comprehend that to experience this type of love is your birth rite, and to release it if it no longer serves you is for your highest good.