Do Not Break Your Head

photo of head bust print artwork

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We understand your thirst for answers, for desiring to know the details behind universal operations and beyond. We do our best to lead you and guide you to these answers. However, in the state you are in at this time—the human existing on the earth plane—complete comprehension is out of the realm of possibility. We do not wish to insinuate that your intelligence capacity is inferior. We are simply stating that human physiology prohibits processing of the vastness of the entirety of this information. It is not being withheld. It is simply not the time and place for its comprehension.

We are speaking of this to provide you with the understanding that although you may search and demand more in-depth explanations, there will be times you must do your best to be satisfied with what is available. Do not break your head against a wall that is, quite frankly, impenetrable.