The Unraveling

man and woman across mummies

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Little by little, you are shedding the layers, if you will, that are acting as barriers. These layers have served their purpose and are meant to be shed in order for you to connect and experience the true YOU behind these coverings. It is a systematic unraveling which will ultimately reveal to you your essence—the YOU without the protective coating.

As you undergo the releases, you feel the accuracy of these statements. The serenity of understanding is all you need to give credence to our words. This pervasiveness of peace WILL eventually become more than a series of fleeting moments. It will become your state of being, just as the layers—the barriers—had once been your state of being. The difference, however, will be the awareness of the process it required and the work and effort invested to reach this new existence. You will take full responsibility for this self as you release the confines of the old.