Your Rhythms


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Hi, this is Ann Marie speaking.  This is an exchange I had with “them” regarding sleep patterns. It’s directed at me specifically, but I thought it was interesting and wanted to share the info in case anyone else thought so, too.


The illusion of sleep requirements is in question now. Yes, you “feel” better waking earlier than 6am. This rhythm—this time of day—is compatible with your  energy, your frequency. Take advantage of this knowledge. When more rest is required, you will abide the call.

It is convenient to place groupings, to create generalizations to be accepted by the masses. The purported proper, most suitable, recommended amount of sleep is one of these conveniences. This is for you to examine. You know otherwise. Do not fall back upon old ways—false beliefs.

”I understand.” (me)

Trust your feelings, trust your energy. Defy the illusion. Question the wisdom in the contradictions. Follow the rhythms in accordance with you.

” So for me it’s less than eight hours, for someone else more, and for others eight is optimal.”  ( me )

Yes. There are no rules.

”So for me, it’s not about the length of rest necessarily, but my compatibility with the 5am hour?” (Me)

Yes. But you are also one who is able to function optimally with six hours of sleep. This is really all you require.

Do not be afraid of depravation. This is nothing of the sort. Sleep depravation is an extreme behavioral disorder, and that is a very legitimate condition. However, less than eight hours of sleep does not fall into the margins of such a condition under less than extreme circumstances. We are not speaking of extremes here.