Soul Excursions



You are all travelers. The optimal time for these excursions we are speaking of occur while you sleep. You sometimes retain a clear picture of the exploration, other times there is little or no recall, or an inability to “make sense of” what transpired. Understand there are safeguards imposed for your benefit so as not to overwhelm your physical and psychological state. Realize, however, these travels and experiences are absorbed into your cells and the relevant experiences are processing behind the scenes.

Your soul’s excavation is a delicate process, one in which the discoveries are managed and brought to light into your conscious mind when it is capable of processing the given information. To do so otherwise would pose a risk to the psyche and threaten the stability of it and your ability to operate in the world you know. These safeguards are in place to prevent psychological breaks from your reality. They are for your highest good.

As you proceed forward, these discoveries will become increasingly felt in lucid moments. This is the progression—the natural progression—designed for elevated discoveries and comprehension.  You may make demands and requests to the contrary, but this gradual process is non-negotiable from our side. Realize “artificial stimulants” or self-imposed methods are not our doing or recommendation. These types of “explorations” are of your own volition. These choices are yours. We are merely relating the process we adhere to for your purposes of understanding.