The Soul Contract

Hi. This is Ann Marie speaking. This message is quite lengthy, which generally isn’t my style. When I get large blocks of info like this I usually try to break them up to keep it streamlined and simplified, however, in this particular case I felt like there really wasn’t a good way to do that and chose to post it in its in entirety. 


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Prior to incarnation on the earth plane, a contract is designed for each individual. This contract—the soul contract—is an outline of experience agreed upon by you and all involved in the process of its creation. Realize, however, it is primarily of your doing.

Within the contract lie clauses and agreements involving not only experiences and “lessons”, but agreements between individuals are also a component of the contract as well. When you meet those you feel  “strongly” about, recognize this as being  a memory of a contractual clause.

What we want you to comprehend also is that a soul contract is not binding. There will be no repercussions, no “smack down”, so to speak, if this contract is breached. When circumstances or experiences are deemed to be detrimental to you, the terms in the contract regarding this experience become null and void. You are never meant to continue blindly along a path that will not lead to your highest good—regardless of what may have been agreed upon.

Because of free will—an inherent element in every human being—the path of probable outcomes is infinite. Use this understanding to cut the ties that bind when you know—in your heart and mind—this is what is best for you. There will be another opportunity, another lifetime even, to “try” again. Realize, too, that all you are doing in regard to self-dedication is affecting and influencing not only the outcome of the next encounter for yourself, but it is also affecting the other(s) involved in a way that will cause a shift in the energetic make-up, the cellular memory retained into the next existence.

Do not fear the contract. It is merely your set of guidelines, you’re map. You will not be sued for breech of soul contract.

We hope this provides an understanding of, and peace of mind with, this piece of information.