Cellular Memory


Photo by julie aagaard on Pexels.com

Cellular memory and recognition play an enormous part in self- understanding. The seemingly “inexplicable” elements that arise in your life are triggers. For deep inside, there is a sense of knowing, a sense of peace with certain situations within the self which on a logical level should not exist. Realize these times, these moments, these encounters when you know in your logical mind you “should” feel a certain way, yet do not. TAKE NOTE. Understand this is the cellular memory seeping through into your consciousness, guiding you in your truth, your sense of comprehension on a level far greater than that which meets the eye. Embrace the memory.  These memories are designed to guide you. Follow the guidance, accept the understanding, defy logic. You are not imagining it, you are not making it up. Trust, trust, trust. The doors will swing open when you trust yourself.