The “Eye”


Photo by Jonathan Borba on

The “eye” has no boundaries. It is the vehicle for exploration into the infinite as you understand it. It is available to all, yet for most goes undiscovered and underutilized.

It is the goal to open the “mind’s eye” or the “third eye”. This is not only the psychic ability center—it is the doorway to alternate realities. This is a key understanding for you. Most associate this center only with the gifts of sight and intuition. This is a misconception. It is the passageway into the multidimensional universe as well. Through “the eye” and crown you are able to connect to higher consciousness. In other words, to us. But not only us—to all the intelligence, all the consciousness that exists outside your realm of understanding.

With this new understanding you can approach your exploration in a new manner. For you can comprehend that your “eye” is already open and has been for a very long time. You have just been blind to your sight.