A Force of Unification (Re-Post)


Photo by Juanjo Menta on Pexels.com

I posted A Force of Unification back in December of 2018 which was only a fraction of the message I received. At the time, it was way too far out for me to digest and I couldn’t fathom publishing the whole thing without sounding like a total nut. But the far out is suddenly in my face, and if I’m out of my mind, at least it’s interesting! I came across it again in my notes and I wanted to share it in its entirety because I think this will be helpful for providing confirmation to anyone who resonates with it, keeping in mind that if it does, IT’S FOR YOU. It is quite lengthy, so please forgive the lack of “streamlining”!

There is a force of unification—a collective of like minds, like awareness that is moving to the forefront. Activation has begun on many levels. The strands of this intricate web are weaving together, each unique piece connecting with another to become a whole.

 You are seeing the acceleration of creation. This will continue for you as more and more of your comrades are drawn together. You will be a force of unity and influence.

Trust your knowing. It is truth. Just flow without hesitation. You are releasing old patterns, embracing new behaviors that will propel you forward. It is time for you to step into the arena. You are a leader. Others will gravitate toward you. You and a group of leaders shall take the reins, all collaborating and providing the individual strengths to this project to make it whole. It will be beautiful to behold how embracing yourself first, and then the rest, shall be the foundation of understanding you create. The new philosophy.

It will be natural cohesion and recognition. It will become clear as the meeting of the minds share knowledge and vision. All elements, all resources, will assemble for this creation. Trust is key. It will be done. All that you have believed, “known”, and aspired to discover will be revealed. You will understand that you have been correct about yourself all along.

TRUST. Do not allow the doubt of others to curb your passion or raise self-doubt. You know.

There is a labyrinth of knowledge to discover. Follow your way.