Part of a Lineage

spiral design on cloth

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This is an exchange between me  and “Them”. For ease of understanding, my words will be in italics. I’ve edited out some parts that were specific to me so the information can apply to anyone.

There are those of you who are part of a lineage, uniting incarnation after incarnation to do your work, masking yourselves as mere mortals (I laugh). Realizing the condition of humanity is your greatest challenge, you—now on a conscious level of awareness—will expediate the process of shedding. For you know what lies beneath—YOUR FREEDOM.

So we all have a job(s) singularly and collectively, and always part of that includes support. Sometimes we’re out in front leading the charge. Sometimes we’re flanking the rear, supporting the one out in front. Sometimes we act as one, standing side by side, but always in harmony, regardless of perceived position.

That is correct.