Hi! This is Ann Marie speaking.

Exactly a year ago I discovered I was a trance channel with the ability to conduct Spirit energies. During a channeled reading I was having for myself with Angelic Realm channel Krista Moore,  I was told that I would be doing what she’s doing and to do it—now. So I opened my mouth and suddenly this insane sound vibration came blasting out of me like nobody’s business, and in the blink of an eye, I was transmitting for Spirit. I was told to practice on my friends and family for a month, and then was informed I was ready to charge for my services and basically to get out there and figure it out. And that’s what I did.

It’s been an insane journey on so many levels, but after spending the past year doing readings from my home and traveling to clients for lack of my own dedicated space to work from, I—together with my friend and business partner, Dana Sardano—are opening the Ubuntu Fish Gallery, where our intention is to provide a safe and comfortable environment where the gifts of creativity and spirituality can flourish in tandem. Please visit us at https://www.ubuntufishgallery.com/.

I’ll keep you posted on our opening date, but our Grand Opening is October 12, 2019! Put it on your calendar!!!!!

Thank you for believing in me and following Streamliner Spirit!


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