Pizza Dough in the Ziplock

Hi. This is Ann Marie speaking today.

I wanted to share this little bone “they” threw me in the hopes that this will benefit others also.

So I have a really hard time visualizing. I don’t “see” the golden white light, the colors of the chakras, and I struggle to actually grasp any images or imagine anything visually. But the other day while I was meditating I saw an image of my hand holding a ziplock bag with a what looked like a ball of pizza dough (kooky, I know, but it was a clear picture), and the dough was representing my source energy and it was vibrating little particles that I could see moving. Then they explained for me to reach into the bag and pull off a piece of the vibrating dough and infuse it with my intent of what I wanted and then release it. So then the piece of dough flew off to disperse the particles with like particles which would then in turn create the matter related to the intention.

Call me crazy, but it was so awesome because I was A, able to actually see, and B, understood the exercise. I know this is basic universal law, but it was such an easy way to grasp it for me that I just wanted to share it.

Hope this helps someone else too!