Be Your Way 2/11/19

Aloha. This is Ann Marie speaking today.

I’ve been experiencing some pretty significant epiphanies recently which boil down to the integration of a lot of this wonderful info I channel, and I’m sharing this because I’d love to try to bring some peace of mind into this wild ride of self-awareness. I’m sure we all end up here eventually, if  you haven’t already.

So I’ve realized I don’t need to search for THE truth; I need to understand MY truth—what I believe. I can see what I’ve been trying to comprehend on a mass level is actually individual, and it has to be because no one lives the same experience—even if we share the same experience.

And with this new understanding of the moment (all subject to change, of course), I’m finally able to cut myself some slack. Because at the end of the day, I got to where I am by being who I am and that’s MY WAY. So it only makes sense that my way will take me the rest of the way, right? It’s all an inside job. Embrace what feels right, let the rest go.

”Show them the way by being the way.” That statement was one of the first messages I ever received. Now, FIVE YEARS LATER, I finally get it! Good thing they’re patient! HaHa!! Wish me luck with the rest of it!

Hope this makes sense to someone other than me!