November Recap 12/1/18

Hi..this is Ann Marie speaking.

November was a very interesting month filled with growth and transformation paired with confusion and clarity. I’m speaking for myself now but feel fairly certain I’m not alone.

I’ve been channeling for myself, experiencing first-hand the regression work that comes through in readings for others. It’s been tremendously helpful for me in shedding barriers and baggage no longer serving me and it’s given me a new understanding of the depth of the psyche and  power of cellular memory. And because of this greater comprehension, I’m able to make connections to human behavior I had no awareness of prior to doing this work and I feel compassion on a level I’ve never felt before. It’s been a fundamental transformation for me.

Self-discovery is a game of hide and seek where our conscious mind tries to keep from us the things that aren’t going to be so pleasant to experience once you find them. But if you’re able to take the step and allow yourself to look, the liberation gained is worth it. Because, after all, that’s why we’re here—to become free.

Thank you everyone who’s allowed me to work with them and who continue to share the journey. Looking forward to a great December!