Your Way 11/15/18

Hi, this is Ann Marie speaking. 

Yesterday I had a remarkable experience channeling for my group that I’d like to share. It’s not my style to ramble, so please forgive me if this gets a bit lengthy.

Normally during my sessions, the Angels and other beings come through speaking and emitting sound vibrations through my vocal chords. The sound vibrations I guess could be described as “music like” but I wouldn’t exactly call them musical. Yesterday, though, my channeling was completely different.

I ended up essentially singing almost the entire session (and by the way, I don’t sing). Angelic beings who called themselves The Choir came through singing their messages and vibrations and it was this calming, peaceful, gentle experience like nothing I’d ever had before. I think I can safely say the group felt the same way.

It was amazing but it totally blew my brains out, and afterwards it took me awhile to process. I know a few other channels and my first inclination was to get in touch with someone and see if they’d had a similar experience. But after sitting on it for a bit I realized—it doesn’t matter. Yes, it would be interesting to know if they’d had it happen, but it didn’t matter. Because we’re all different and regardless of our similarities, we’re going to experience our gifts in our own individual ways.

Anyway the point is, I have to just allow this new line of work to unfold as it comes however it presents itself. It’s all for my highest good. And I’d like to say thank you to everyone in my group for giving me the opportunity to experience myself.

Peace out.

Here’s today’s channeled message:


Follow YOUR way.