Feel Good 11/7/18

Hi! This is Ann Marie speaking…

It seems like a lot of us are spinning our wheels lately and I just want to share how I’m working through my own process in the hope that it can help someone else also.

We all know there’s something greater for us and we just want to get there. Sometimes we get caught up in the big picture and find ourselves stuck, pushing and putting pressure on ourselves and we stop having fun. This is when I’ve found it really helps to rope myself in and start taking baby steps instead of searching for that giant leap.

Today—this moment—is where it’s at. Do one little thing that lifts you. Play your favorite song, listen to your kid laugh, read a quote you dig, watch the birds, cuddle your critter, look at the sky—lift your vibration. Show yourself some love.

That’s what “they” mean when they tell us to do what brings us joy. We don’t need to figure out the next career of joy, just what lifts us NOW. The rest will follow if we begin the habitual commitment to lifting ourselves. No pressure-just feel good!

Hope this helps!

Peace out!