My Progress Report 7/23/18

Hi..This is Ann Marie speaking today.

Last week I became “activated” as a metaphysical channel and healer in the celestial/angelic realm. Translation:  I am now not only channeling the Pleiadians, but higher energies and beings as well, transmitting their healing and messages through my voice and hands to the person I’m channeling for. I know it may sound nuts, but that’s my new gig.

I’ve been told I have to practice, practice, practice. So over the weekend I did one session via Skype and another in-person and both worked out great. If anyone is interested in having a session, please contact me. We can meet face-to-face if it’s possible or over Skype or FaceTime. Eventually I’ll figure out the next step but for now it’s just me practicing to  get confidence and I appreciate anyone who wants to be a victim! Ha ha—just kidding!

My goal with all this is to create a network of strength and support and provide inspiration and courage so we can all keep moving forward on this seemingly infinite journey toward transformation. But I can promise you from my own experience with what’s just happened for me, IT IS ALL WORTH IT. Everything you’re doing, all the work to understand and make progress, all the head banging and soul searching—it’s worth it. And we need to keep on truckin’ .

Peace out.



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